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Monique Thomas

Monique Thomas

Monique Thomas, is a unique singer and teacher. Her speciality.......she authentically sings several styles from jazz, to soul to gospel to RnB, to pop and even opera. She can easily and authentically go from one style to the next without ever losing her personality.

Monique has been singing since the age of 2 and has always shown her musicality. She sang at church choirs as well as school choirs. In High school she was the big band pianist and also participated in the percussion section of the marching band and concert band. She then went on to continue her vocal studies at William Paterson University, studying jazz and opera and earning her a Bachelor’s of Music degree.

In 1998, she arrived in France to teach voice at a private school and discovered her second passion, pedagogy. Quickly Monique realised that the best way to master a subject was to learn the pedagogy. Since arriving in France, she has continued to develop her skills as a singer and voice teacher and has earned several degrees (DEM in Opera from the Bordeaux Conservatory - 2005, Level 3 Speech Level Singing - 2012 and Mentor level, the highest level from Institute for Vocal Advancement- 2016) as well as prizes from opera competitions.

As a teacher, Monique enjoys developing unique pedagogical materials for the modern vocalist. Some of these programs include improvisation, the art of backing vocals, riffs and runs and more. In January of this year, she put out her first e-course: “The Ultimate Vocal Riffs Guide”!

Monique loves to travel and spends a great deal of her time on the road teaching masterclasses, directing choirs and performing as a lead and backing vocalist for many well known artists. She is currently working as a soloist on a 90 concert worldwide tour with the famous violinist, André Rieu. When she is not on the road, she enjoys spending time with her loving family.




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