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Dr. Francesco Palmirotta Italy

Dr. Palmirotta Francesco - International Singing Camp Team

Dr. Francesco Palmirotta is a psychologist, psychotherapist and philosopher. In 1960 he began his musical studies and continued them later as a self-taught musician, opening up to the knowledge of various instruments (wind, percussion, electronic) and various musical styles and genres, all revisited in a personal way. During the years of his university studies, he came into contact with music therapy experiences of various genres. Later he devoted himself to the study of ethnic music, among others the so-called pizzica pizzica, typical of Southern Italy. From reflection on these experiences, a music therapy intervention modality was born, which merges the Magna-Greek conceptions of harmony (Pythagoras), with the psychosomatic approach of psychotherapeutic maieutics, to arrive at Psychosomatic Music Therapy.


Francesco Palmirotta has founded a libertarian school over the years and is currently the holder of a ministerial project for the recovery of educational poverty for 2,500 children. The project will run for four years and will result in the establishment of an educational society.

Dr. Palmirotta has donated most of his movable property to the Gaia Ontosofia Foundation because he believes and knows that the living intentionality of the planet is being wisdom for every constituted form on Earth. "We are children of Earth and the starry sky" was the insight of the Pythagoreans 2500 years ago.


Francesco Palmirotta has done hundreds of collaborations, directed research in the field of Ontosophy and Music Therapy, and is a speaker at conferences at national and international levels.


Just to mention a few of his professional experiences:


Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Bari, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery;


Professor of Bioethics at the University of Matera Faculty of Medicine and Surgery;

President of the XV Congress on Art and Science at the University of Bari;


Speaker at the VII International Congress on Behaviorism - Cognitivism in collaboration with PhD M. Arons (West Georgia Univ.USA) and PhD Scott Churchill (Dallas Univ.USA);


Speaker with PhD Gabriella Cristiani (Academy Award 1987) at the 10th World Congress of Music Therapy in Oxford;


Speaker and guest of honor at the I International Congress of Music Therapy at Moscow University.

Lecturer-Trainer of the international seminar "Music Therapy, Creativity and Art" organized by GAPSIDE (Gabinete de Asistencia Psicopedagogica), Universidad de Los Andes, Nucleo Universitario del Tachira, San Cristobal, Venezuela;


Lecturer-Trainer of the international seminar "Psychosomatic Ontosophy and Music Therapy" organized by the Department of Educacion Inicial, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Universidad de Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina;


Coordinator with WFMT (World Federation of Music Therapy) President Prof. Cheryl Dileo Maranto, PhD, of the seminar "International Music Therapy Techniques," Bari, Italy;


And editor-in-chief of the journal Extasis. Philosophy, Art and Science of Being Psyche in Existence, Bari;


He is on the scientific committee of the International Latin-America Journal of Music.

He is the author of several books, articles and handouts. 

He directs the International University of Humanistic Ontosophy based at 22/A Via U. Giordano, I 70123, Bari, Italy.

He is Director of the Residential Center of Psycho - Music Therapy Solinio Village, Contrada Taverna Nuova, 106 70020 Cassano delle Murge, Bari, Italy.



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