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Dr. Francesco Palmirotta

The seminar will be held at different stages, in  three or four parts, and everyone can participate regardless of their artistic background.

The wisdom of being, ontosophy, since the beginnings of Pythagorean choreautics has hoisted Italian bel canto through Gregorian chant and all the modulations of Italian opera. In this seminar we would like to reintroduce it as the fairy tale Snow White, neglected or misunderstood but ever present with its whiteness of principle to enlighten and nurture virtuous consciences that wish to sing the soul from the wisdom of human beings in harmony with the frequency of the earth dancing around the sun in the rhythm of night and day that lasts 24 hours.

What the participants of the ontosophy workshop take home is the crisp and clear psychosomatic consciousness that our voice is the result of the wisdom of our human being that if it sings for harmony or in harmony with the living intentionality of  Planet Earth (432 Herz) it makes harmony that is psychosomatic wellness. And this was known from the Pythagorean school that founded by Pythagoras and Aristoxenus from Taranto the music, music therapy and choreutics that is foundation of Italian bel canto.

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