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Singing Improvisation workshop


Mara De Mutiis

Improvisation is a fascinating aspect of being a singer and musician. It has far origins and is found in different musical languages; in jazz music it has found a warm home, giving us continuous insights for growth and research. 


Following the basic elements of musical speech, we will take a musical journey discovering the potential of the instrument voice and its free expression through improvisation.


In the first part of our workshop, we will explore rhythm and melody with the use of syllable scat (conventional - scat conventional), call & response formulas, scales, arpeggios, chords, discovering the relationship between rule and freedom and developing listening and communication among all participants.

In the second part, melodies from the pop, jazz and gospel repertoire will be the perfect springboard for our improvisational and interpretive experiences. 


Everyone with their own sonic background and musical sensibility will contribute to create the Voice of Improvisation and the Joy of Singing.

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