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Belting Estill Voice Craft Workshop

Francesco Mecorio

BELTING is a specific type of high-intensity vocal production used in musical theatre, CCM, several types of folk music, and in some cases even in acting and some opera performances.

Exciting and thrilling, often loosely, mistakenly or summarily called a “high-range chest voice” or “mix,” its common definition, as well as its relationship to vocal health, can be controversial.

The number of artists that use belting  in their performances increases every day, especially in countries where its definition was unknown until a few years ago. More and more teachers started teaching it or mentioning it in their lessons. However, dealing with belting without exact knowledge of its mechanics and specific and precise training can be very frustrating and dangerous.

A detailed physiological description of belting and a series of targeted and sophisticated exercises are the basis for effective and sustainable belting production. There are “do's and don'ts” for establishing healthy and successful belting.

In this workshop, all the physiological and acoustic characteristics of belting will be explored and practical training will be presented to set up belting safely. A basic practice will be presented and practised individually on each exercise by every partecipants, and an advanced practice (belting carried high, use or removal of vibrato, different styles of belting, problems and solutions, belting and phonetics) will be presented in groups and proposed as individual work only if circumstances allow it.

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