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Studio televisivo


Iskra Milkova

To succeed in the various stages of television broadcasts, singers and vocal coaches need to know both the unique opportunities that arise and the challenges that await them. In the workshop "How to Prepare for TV shows" we will learn how to overcome different challenges and practically we will go through all the key stages and crucial moments.


The program will include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of TV formats.

  • What to expect from the different stages? Practical preparation.

  • Repertoire selection - strategic song decisions.

  • How to maintain confidence and handle criticism?

  • How to be memorable and stand out from other participants? Unique style and expressiveness.

  • Stage presence and emotion - How to use the stage and your charisma to capture the attention of the jury and the audience, and how to excite the audience.

Looking forward to sharing valuable experience and techniques to help participants shine in the spotlight. Don't miss this chance to prepare yourself for the exciting journey ahead!

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