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Iskra Milkova

This workshop is designed to cultivate a well-rounded performing artist. Participants will go on a journey of self-discovery to uncover their unique artistic sound and style. They will learn how to engage audiences with powerful stage performances. In addition, they'll go through the challenges of the music industry. Each segment of the workshop aims to equip artists with practical skills for  their career journey.



1. Development of Self-Identity and Unique Artistic Style: This training will focus on assisting in the discovery and cultivation of a unique artistic sound and style.

2. Stage Performance and Audience Interaction: We will practically study key techniques to attract and hold the audience's attention as well as how to establish a strong connection with the audience during performances.

3. Music Entrepreneurship and Career Management: We'll discuss how to handle the challenges of the modern music business, such as finding the right balance between the creative process and business aspects of performing artist career.  

4. Emotion Management and Creation of Strong Performance: We will explore how we can understand and use our emotions to create powerful and emotionally charged performances.

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